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Padded Pouffes

The padded poufs and design stools from Sixbros offer you a professional way to save space. Place the pouf in a corner of your hall, bed room, living room or nursery, and simply fetch it when you need a seating. They will surely come in handy. Or you can give them a place at your coffee table and just enjoy the relaxing ambience they create. No home should be without one of these useful and comfortable poufs. And once you have one, you surely won’t want to part with it!

Padded Pouffe/Footstool Beige 2001A/2486
Padded Pouffe/Footstool Black M-60351/2142
Padded Pouffe/Footstool Black M-61352/2144
Padded Pouffe/Footstool Brown 2001A/2485
Padded Pouffe/Footstool Brown 2001A/39
Padded Pouffe/Footstool Brown Antique Leather Look 2001A/2087
Padded Pouffe/Footstool Grey M-60351/8422
Padded Pouffe/Footstool Grey M-61352/8423
Padded Pouffe/Footstool White M-60351/2143
Padded Pouffe/Footstool White M-61352/2145
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