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Bar Stool | Design Stool | Bistro Bar Stool - Buy bar stools for your house bar or party room bar at low prices. Metal stool, bar stool with back, round or angled , made from wood or metal. SxBros sells various bar and bistro stools for the best prices. Fitting tables for the bar stools you can buy as well with SixBros. Colours available: red, white, black, creme and brown. Please, pay special attention to our design bar stools with back which are adujstable in height, rotatable by 360° and the seating is padded.

Buy Bar / Lounge Stool / Design Bar Stool at low prices from SixBros - SixBros design bar stools are adjustable in heught and rotatablke by 360°. The seating is padded, the cover is made from brown faux leather. Foot and frame are made from chromed steel. All bar stools are shipped for low shipping costs. Please, pay special attention to your classy bar and lounge furniture such as: classy bar stools, metal stools, seating stools and seating cubes.

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1Original dealer price, 2non-binding recommend dealer price
** Valid for shipments to England. Delivery times for other countries and information of the calculation of the delivery period,see Delivery Times
SixBros. ® is a registered brand by the SIXBROS GmbH